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About the Shutter Sisters

Sarah Malcolm enjoyed life – sports (her team is the Green Bay Packers), dogs, and family.  However, like many of us, life can be harsh, monochrome, and sharp around the edges.  Sarah often escaped reality by looking at life through the lens of her camera. Through it, the colors were brighter, the scenery richer, the beauty larger.  While visiting with friends and family, she would wander off and put the lens to her eye, creating the chance to see life in a more calming light.  

Alexis Garth always lived life large!  She was a competitive cheerleader, lavished love on all the babies she could get her hands on and laughed aloud with her family.  Her smile lit up her entire face, and she was often told she could be a model – but she preferred the backside of the camera.  After taking a photography class, she dreamed of capturing this crazy, beautiful life through her camera lens.  

Then Sarah married Alexis’s brother, and they became close.  Their shared love for looking at the world around them by way of a camera led them to the inauguration of the Shutter Sisters.  As individuals, they each bring a gift to the photography team - as sisters, they connect and create a great company.  Working together, they provide a view from two different angles, that will capture the best of you!